A History of Brown Edge, a Staffordshire Moorlands Village

So are you in the Brown Edge Tree? I was once talking to Harvey Durber when he accosted someone walking past and said  “Ahdoo,  oo at,  at a strug?”  Once the unidentified person had worked out what he meant, she said  that she was a newcomer on to the village.  A sharp intake of breath from Harvey followed by  “Thee tad better watch ite who they speykst to up ayare the knowst. Dunner towk ill abite anywun. Thee tarow inbreds!

Well my research has confirmed this!  Odds are that  if either your grandfather or your grandmother was born here then you will be as well!  There are over 25,000 records in the family history file and it is by no means complete. Simcocks, Tomkinsons, Hargreaves,Knights, Mountfords, Holdcrofts, Sherratts Turners, Sheldons, Halls, Proctors, Fosters, Davenports and many more interbred and gave their children the same Christian names making it very difficult to distinguish one family from the next.  I am sure I have many errors in the tree so please feel free to take a look and pass any helpful comment on.
to take a look go to Brown Edge Family
If you can see any errors or you would like to be added to the Brown Edge tree then please let me know. 

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  1. I am related to the Hancocks of Brown Edge. Charlotte Han(d)cock born in Brown Edge married James Goldstraw of Grindon Moor. Their son Thomas Goldstraw is my grandfather. My mum who has passed on was Grace Amelia Goldstraw. John Han(d)cock Charlotte’s father was a coal miner.

    1. Hi Richard
      I just thought I ought to let you know that your family are included in the Brownedge family tree, and you are my third cousin once removed.

  2. I am interested in connecting with any relatives of the late Thomas Dawson (born 1913). Married possibly to someone called Mary. They had a son Dr Alan Leslie Dawson. Thomas is an uncle and half brother of my father, also decease

  3. Hi, I’m Pauline Salt nee Simcock, my grandparents were Christopher and Selina Simcock who, up until 1978/79, lived at 78 Rose Cottage, Leek Road, my gt grandparents were William and Ellen Simcock who lived at Waterfall Farm.

  4. I am Norman Hollins. My father was Norman Sydney Hollins,his father was Joseph Hollins and his mother was Esther Hollins. I have looked at the family tree and noted that all of my fathers brothers and sisters are included but that my fathers name is not which makes the tree incomplete. My father was born in 1918 in Brown Edge and in 1939 married my mother Hilda Dawson and they had two children myself born 1940 and my brother Michael Alan born 1946. I am left wondering if there is any particular reason for this ommission. Could anyone enlighten me?

  5. I am Leila Hollins my grandad and dad where Joseph Hollins my dads brothers were Bill Tom and Norman sisters Winifred Harriet and Alice Hollins

    1. to Leila hollins . my maiden name was june steele iwas a friend of a Leila hollins in the 1950s I migrated to Australia in 1958 I lost touch soon after . my married name is june follett

  6. Hi Pete
    I have really enjoyed going through the family tree, so fascinating, the Fosters and Symcock’s really are an entwined bunch. I think I can make a correction to Simeon Simcock’1857 details his mother was Joice Charlesworth born Biddulph. He was my great grandfather. I would like to know how to access the Brown Edge connections page. I could add to joshua Symcock’s family details, also the Fosters details.

    1. Elsie Smith. I have a Simeon Simcock in my tree who married a Maggie Foster they emigrated to NZ I think (sorry I’m typing without all my information to hand)

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