A History of Brown Edge, a Staffordshire Moorlands Village

Known to the locals as “The Corner” and famed for its friendliness especially when Lottie and Horace Hayes kept it is best described in a poem by Mr Reg Twemlow our village bobby who was interviewed live on TV in the 1960′s (I remember going round to watch him being interviewed outside Tyler’s shop)

The ode to a pub

At close of day when toil is done

They wend their way at setting sun

Where rural joys still reign supreme

And form a part of the village scene

Where tales are told and laughter brings

The salve that makes the sad heart sing

And all join in with merry mirth

And cares fly out, for them no berth

The ale that bred fair Englands brood

Awakes the Muse of bardic mood

And he with songs will loud acclaim

the joys of love ‘twixt maid and swain.

The night wears on and words wax warm

Ans some will treat and some will squarm

But all will hark to the knowing one

who talks the night till words are gone

As the hour to part draws sadly nigh

And tankards filled are now drained dry

The merry swain calls for another

And the stranger now becomes a brother

Then all will sing a roundelay

And fix a time for another day

Then sally forth content and full

Their long goodnights the heartstrings pull

Oh! let these rural joys remain

That rid the labouring hearts of pain

And find such happyness within

The house they call the “Roebuck Inn”


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