A History of Brown Edge, a Staffordshire Moorlands Village

The Mountford Girls

The Mountford Girls
The Mountford Girls

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  1. I was born Janet Mountford. My great great uncle was John Mountford born in 1816 and married to Kate Holdcroft . their gravestones are in the churchyard at St Anne’s Brown Edge. John’s brother was Hugh and there were two sisters Eliza and Jemima.. I have John’s family bible and I should like to give it to one of his relatives. I believe John and Kate lived at Singleton Farm. My email address is

    1. Hi Janet
      I think most of Brownedge are related to this branch of the Mountfords especially as I think Johns Grandfather was William, Married a Mary Hargreaves Brown Edge Parish Council are setting up an archive of village documents and if you cant find anyone more suitable WE would love to have it so that it is made available for people forever. Many Thanks.

      1. That is great! As soon as this virus is over, I will bring it over. I am intrigued by his grandfather being William because I have him as the son of Joseph Mountford and Mary Sherratt and his grandparents being Joseph Mountford and Ann Brindley. I have Joseph and Mary’s 30th wedding anniversary commemorative jug.

        1. I should have said great-grandson but I too have joseph and mary as parents but then Thomas and Judith Ibbs. which sounds like its wrong but I’m not surprised at that as the Mountford families are challenging. I wish some Male Mountfords would do a y DNA test! I have 7 different Mountford lines and none seem to come together at the top yet.
          By the way its called Singlet House now (is it referenced anywhere as singleton?) and the Mountford did live there before the Durbers and then it was the Shufflebothams. If it was Singleton by the way that is quite significant as it would mean that it’s saxon in origin.

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