Injured soldiers


Great War


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  1. bob cartlide

    I assume this photo was taken after the war as a lot of the men in civilian clothes are wearing their regimental cap badges on their lapels.
    The chap seated far right next to the man with the walking stick is my grandfather Robert (Bob) Lomas who served with the Lincolnshire Regiment in France and in his later life lived at Stile Cottage
    Hill Top.

    1. Annette Meakin

      Hi Bob
      Your Grandfather Robert (Bob) was his name Lowe or Lomas as l have a picture from my gran who was Mary Ellen Lowe which l think is your grandfathers sister. The picture has no name on it but it looks like him

  2. Robert Snape

    Hi, I’ve added my Great Grandfather John Snape, I sent you this photo a few years ago I recognized the damage on the right hand side, I’ve got a couple more I’ll try to scan them and email them to you.

    1. admin

      Hi Robert
      I have been trying to find your E Mail but for some reason it didn’t come over when I changed computers so thanks for adding John Snape and contacting me again

    2. Annette Meakin

      Hi Robert
      Just been looking at your picture and Robert (Bob) Lowe was my grans brother. l have a photo of him but we didn’t know it was him till we saw your photo. Could you possibly email me a copy of your photo as l would love to have it printed of. l hope you don’t mind me asking
      Best wishes

      1. Robert Snape

        Hi Annette,
        I’ve only just come across your message, if you email me at I can send you the photo if you still want it.


  3. Christpopher Bate

    I have tried to identify my Grandfather ‘Harry Baggley’ but it just keeps adding another radial button & does not display his name properly, I’m not sure if the highlighting of the people has to be done by a moderator of this sight or not

    1. admin

      Hi Christopher I have entered his name for you. Many thanks for your information You should be able to enter your information directly on these photographs but I will check in the morning.

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