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So are you in the Brown Edge Tree? I was once talking to Harvey Durber when he accosted someone walking past and said  “Ahdoo,  oo at,  at a strug?”  Once the unidentified person had worked out what he meant, she said  that she was a newcomer on to the village.  A sharp intake of breath from Harvey followed by  “Thee tad better watch ite who they speykst to up ayare the knowst. Dunner towk ill abite anywun. Thee tarow inbreds!

Well my research has confirmed this!  Odds are that  if either your grandfather or your grandmother was born here then you will be as well!  There are over 25,000 records in the family history file and it is by no means complete. Simcocks, Tomkinsons, Hargreaves,Knights, Mountfords, Holdcrofts, Sherratts Turners, Sheldons, Halls, Proctors, Fosters, Davenports and many more interbred and gave their children the same Christian names making it very difficult to distinguish one family from the next.  I am sure I have many errors in the tree so please feel free to take a look and pass any helpful comment on.
to take a look go to Brown Edge Family
If you can see any errors or you would like to be added to the Brown Edge tree then please let me know. 

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