Family Nicknames

Family Nicknames

I suppose its because Brown Edge was such a close community that so many people were related. Several families dominated the community and they had the habit of calling their children after their parents and grandparents which obviously caused difficulties. For this reason everyone had a nickname which was usually associated with a particular family.  The late H J Bourne kept a record of these names and gave a copy to the late Freda Berrisford who passed it on to me.  It is interesting to note that Mr Bourne knew many other nicknames but could not remember the real name in many cases.  Nearly all the names were preceded with “owd” and I have heared my family talk about most of the characters named.

The origins of these names probably came from the school play ground and incidents that occurred marked them out for the future.  A few though were onomatopoeic and some descriptive. Sour Dawson really did look as if he had just sucked a lemon and Tunny Tomkinson kept a pub so I suppose that’s how he earned his name.

Some of the names below have links to the history section where I have written down anecdotes about characters as they were told to me.

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Nickname Real Name
Happy Joe Adams
Cocky Baddeley
Copsee Bailey
Nut Beardmore
Bleyder Berrisford
Skimmer Berrisford
Jacker Berrisford
Pup Berrisford Jobs Pool
Sap Berrisford Nurseries
Sugar Berrisford, James
Shag Bourne
Spy Bourne
Lion Bourne
Enge Bourne
Friday Charlsworth, John
Fizz Dawson
Razor Dawson
Briggs Dawson
Bottle Dawson
Sour Dawson (Hill Top)
Dirk Durber
Sponner Durber
Mouse (2) Foster
Soaky Foster
Punker Foster
Apple Frost
Buntin Goodwin
Tinker Goodwin (Bank End)
Tatter Goodwin, Frank
Dash Hancock
Cudd Hancocks
Truss Hargreaves
Dobin Heath
Tricks Holdcroft
Sludge Holdcroft
Dusty Holdcroft
Jarv Jervis
Shatter Jervis, Frank
Mouse (1) Johnson
Quirl Knight, George
Billy Muggins Lomas
Metal Mottram
Snuff Mottram
Bod Mountford
Turp Mountford
Mummy Mountford
Amy Pointon
Little Jimmy James Herbert Pointon
Flick Pointon
Mow Flick Pointon
Silas Pointon
Jigger Pointon, Arthur (School Bank)
Wingy Proctor
Runner Scarlet
Eph Sharratt
Stumpy Sheldon
Bonnet Sheldon
Bargin Sheldon
Billy Tipper Sheldon
Snip Sheldon
Seggy Sheldon (Charlie)
Jonny Obe Sherratt
Snifter Simcock
Workbag Simcock
Deiper Simcock
Gosh Simcock
Little Jessie Simcock
Baccer Simcock, Joe
Stonner Stonier
Tunny Tomkinson
Squash Tomkinson
Spader Tomkinson
Manch Tomkinson, (Frank) & Family
Jimper Tomkinson, James
Spot Turner
Tunny Turner (Alan) named after his Grandfather Tunny Tomkinson
Pell Turner, Fred
Puther Turner, Tommy
Sam Bang Willett
Bargin Willett
China Willett
Bingy Wilshaw (Foaming Quart)



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