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Website Update

Pressures of work and due to me having to take over the editorship of the Parish News as well as starting to write a history of the Workingmens Club has meant that this site has taken a back seat for a while. Therefore it has not been updated for a while. However, I have decided to open it again because if the resources contained within.

If you feel that you could contribute anything then please let me know.

The Great War Project

This year (2014) is obviously 100 years since the start of what some people call World War One (WW1) but is officially termed “The Great War”. It was called the Great War because  this type and scale of utter and total devastation had never been seen before and indeed not since.

It changed the way we fought wars, lived our peace, and thought about each other. When the war started people said “It would all be over before Christmas” and joined up, as in previous wars, in groups of friends, brothers, father and sons, workers from the same estate and even football teams.  Just as they fought side by side, unfortunately they also died side by side, Mown down by the new terror weapons, machine guns.

Men (and women) from our village did what happened in every village throughout the land they joined up in ignorance of what was to come. Most families lost sons or relatives.

It is my personal aim is to record all those who went to war from Brown Edge and to tell their story.  We have two starting points for this research, the record of those who didn’t come back (the war memorials) and the photograph given to me by Dennis Mosedale which is now widely copied around the village.

Brown Edge Great War Injured

Clicking on this picture will take you to a page that will enable you to look closely at the picture and add any information that you know about anyone you recognise.

Brown Edge Soldiers who served to the end of the War

Clicking on this picture will take you to a page that will enable you to look closely at the picture and add any information that you know about anyone you recognise.

Great War Brown Edge Memorial

Clicking on this picture will take you to a page that will enable you to look closely at the picture and add any information that you know about anyone you recognise.

I simply cannot do this research on my own and will require assistance from the older members of our community.

Firstname Surname Link
Edward Adams Link
George Bailey
Edgar Basnett
John Booth
Arthur Bourne
William Bowyer
Isiah Ford
James Frost Link
Joseph Goodwin
Fred Gunn Link
Samuel Hall
Thomas Hall
Samuel Hancock
Joseph Hancock





Paul Whiston the Brown Edge Lifeboatman

Most people watched the Queens Speech on Christmas day but I bet that most didn’t spot Brownedger Paul Whiston Introducing his lifeboat crew to Her Majesty.

This is clearly a massive honour and shows the nation the respect Her Majesty has for these brave Volunteers.

The Queen & PaulAs some of you know Paul has been living in St Ives Cornwall for many years now and has risen to Coxswain or Captain of the Station.

Paul recently told me he originally wanted to be a farmer and some of you will remember him working with Alan Lowe and Family on the milk round. He has a successful business in St Ives now and is fully committed to the RNLI.

He and his team are currently raising funds for a new tractor unit to tow the new lifeboat out.  This tractor costs over £1 Million and they are half way there with their fundraising.

So while we are enjoying our Christmas festivities spare a thought for these brave volunteers who undertake the most dangerous of services for our country, and if you can give a donation to their fund please do so

To donate £5 to the St Ives (@LifeboatDaySS) lifeboat appeal – mentioned  in #QueensSpeech – text RNLI ST IVES to 70300

st ives lifeboat

Christmas Lights


With Christmas drawing closer the annual Brown Edge Christmas lights competition is in full swing. Over 60 households have joined in this year and the early favourite is (photographed here) the bungalow in Church Road. There is still time of course for more entries.

More on The Bush

Brown Edge Parish Council are seeking views of the parish with regard to purchasing the Holly Bush via their Facebook site. This is in line with government thinking as Local Government Minister Grant Shapps recently (3rd Nov) issued a new “rallying cry” to parish councils, to safeguard struggling village shops and pubs for the benefit of local people.

Mr Shapps also called on parish councils to use National Pubs Week to start a conversation with the community about any local pubs that are under threat, and how they can be saved for the community.

So the way is clear for your elected officers to retain this registered community asset.

First Time for Tarmac

Residents of the cul-de-sac with no name at Bank End must feel like they have entered the 21st century as their road received a coating of tarmac probably for the first time since the houses were built before the war! Another recent addition is a posh signpost telling callers which houses are present. Residents of Woodside Avenue must be looking at this development of another un-adopted road with their area with anticipation!

Holly Bush Sale

Holly Bush is offered for sale


Holly Bush

In a move clearly designed to test to see if there is any real appetite

from the community to purchase the Bush the owners have decided to put the pub on the open market with Whittaker and Biggs. It is described as:-

“Detached Village Inn situated on the main Leek to Stoke On Trent road
with sizeable living accommodation to the first floor. Brown Edge is a
thriving village community having supermarkets, schools and other
amenities, there is a car park to the side of the property together with
sizeable grounds at the rear.”