Fleet List – Turners of Brown Edge

Reg no
Fleet no
Engine &
Reg Year
E ?Ford TLawton B141922
RF 904Leyland A9LawtonB20f1925
RF 1898LeylandLawtonB26f1926
RF 4595Leyland PLC1Leyland1928
VT 1130LeylandJennings19311928
VT 6388Leyland1931
CRE 215LeylandLawton1935
BBA 564
NRE 553Leyland PS1Lawton1947
GRE 5445Leyland TS8Lawton DP37 f1938RebodiedLawton 1953
RN 89767Leyland TD7Leyland19551940ex Ribble
RJ 7013Leyland TD4cH26/22R1937ex Salford
RJ 66225Leyland TD4LawtonC35f1936RebodiedLawton 1951
ACK 1298Leyland TD7Leyland1940
RN 89739Leyland TD7Leyland19551940ex Ribble
JTC 91210Leyland PD1/1Leyland19531948ex Hart
CCK 6559
163 GRFBedfordBurlingham1955
KGK 751619561949ex London
1212 RE12Leyland Pd3Massey H41/31F19591959
623 DEHBMCBMCPick Up Truck
HLW 1538AECPark Royal 3RT319581947Ex London
NBF 908BedfordPlaxton C41F1961
1212 RE12Leyland Pd3Massey H41/31F19591959
JBF 271FordPlaxton C41 F1961
961 GBF6Leyland PD2Massey H41/31f1962
245 TRF11Leyland PD2Massey H33/28R1957
KRE 266B10Leyland PD2Massey H37/27F1964
RRF549CBedfordPlaxton C41 F1965
JBF 367DBedford VAMPlaxton C45 F1966
BRF 733E9DaimlerNorthern Counties H44/33F1967
TRF 172G8DaimlerNorthern Counties H44/33F1969
DBF 293HBedford VAMPlaxton C45F1970
JBF 991 H7DaimlerNorthern Counties H44/33F1971
VBF 799J6DaimlerNorthern Counties H44/33F1971
GRE 440KBedford YRQPlaxton C45F1972
JRF 446K5DaimlerNorthern CountiesH44/33F1972
TRF566LBedford YRTPlaxton C53F1973
JBF 169N10Daimler GardnerNorthers Counties19751975
AFA 489 S9LeylandNorthern Counties1978
TRF 172 G6Leyland/GardnerNorthern Counties1969
VBF 799 J
OJD 164 R6Daimler Fleetline1977
SEH 938RBedford YLQPlaxton C45F1977
LVT 699V8LeylandNorthern Counties H44/33F1980
NED433WLeyland LeopardPlaxton c53f1981
KWG131WLeyland Leopard
EWY 78 Y6Leyland
EMY 79 YLeylandOlympian1987
WBF 718XLeyland TigerPlaxton C53F1982


  4 comments for “Fleet List – Turners of Brown Edge

  1. lynn
    March 16, 2018 at 10:54 am

    my daughter was interesting in hiring vintage bus for her wedding are any of the buses still in use please

  2. Roy Lovell
    February 8, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    Sometime in the mid(ish) 60’s I seem to remember a Matt red double decker – minus engine and, I think, nearside front mudguard. This was round the back of the garage for ages (I used to play football and cricket on the playing fields so it became a part of my education at that time). Has anyone any idea what it was and where it came from?

  3. Cliff Beeton
    September 5, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    Turners also had ex London Transport Daimler Fleetline OJD 128R at the same time as OJD 164R

  4. Peter Nixon
    August 6, 2014 at 11:03 am

    BBA 564 came from Salford Corporation and was an A.E.C. Regent with Park Royal H28/26R body and was sold to Beckett of Bucknall in 1955.

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