Businesses and Organisations

Its just changing times I suppose but it is incredible to think of how many businesses used to be on the village compared to today. Our village like most others is changing from a thriving active community to a dormitory where people live but tend not to interact. in my time I can remember a shop in Chapel Lane, Marions sweet shop on school Bank, Joes Shop, Hammonds Taxies at Bank End, Jolleys shoe shop, Tinker Goodwins Coal Business and Green Grocers, Santreans cobblers, Aunt Etties Clothes shop, Wincles wool shop, Garners supermarket and hairdressers, Turners Buses, Bratts Butchers, Beffs shop, the Co-Op, the betting shop, Harrisons Butchers and i bet I have forgotten a few.  Of course we had Six pubs and a Workingmens Club as well!

If anyone has any photographs of these establishments then I would be grateful if you could let me take a copy for the archive.  At some point all these establishments will appear in a section in their own right. If anyone would like to take ownership of “their” business and become a page author then I can accommodate this.

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