A History of Brown Edge, a Staffordshire Moorlands Village

The Great War Project

Great War

This year (2014) is obviously 100 years since the start of what some people call World War One (WW1) but is officially termed “The Great War”. It was called the Great War because  this type and scale of utter and total devastation had never been seen before and indeed not since. It changed the way […]

Nixons of Brown Edge and beyond

The Nixon Family During my exploration of Brown Edge families and how we all seem to be related, I came across an interesting article about one of the Quaker founders of America who are directly related to the Nixons of Brown Edge. This discovery came about when I was tracing the Nixon family. Most of […]

Dialect Words

Over the years I have collected many dialect words but others keep popping up from time to time.  Most of these words (around here) seem have Saxon meanings and are classed as Old English. If you can think of any words please take the time to record them by clicking on this article and adding […]

Local Sayings

We all probably use them but local sayings contain a wealth of history. For example “She has more faces than Bucks clock”  You need to know that this relates to Bucks Jewlers (now closed) and that it had a clock on the ourside of the building with two faces.  I am told that inside the […]

History Articles

Below are articles I have written in the parish news mostly taken from this archive. 2010 [dg]. artricles april 2010 articles september 2010 articles november 2010 articles May articles june articles july 2010 articles december – Copy 2010 2011 articles sept 2011 articles october (2) articles november 2011 articles May 2011 articles June 2011 articles […]

Family Tree

So are you in the Brown Edge Tree? I was once talking to Harvey Durber when he accosted someone walking past and said  “Ahdoo,  oo at,  at a strug?”  Once the unidentified person had worked out what he meant, she said  that she was a newcomer on to the village.  A sharp intake of breath […]

Photograph Archive

This is where you can add your photographs to the Community Archive. Almost every photograph is valuable even if you don’t remember who the people are or what the event is. We are particularly seeking and collecting two types of photographs, people and village views.  Village views can be modern shots that you like. After […]