Aircrash at Brown Edge

The information contained on this page is kindly donated by Alan Clarke, a researcher into aircrash sites. B-24H Liberator 42-52625 of the 406th Bombardment Squadron crashed at Brown Edge between…

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Local News

Staffordshire good neighbour scheme.

staffordshire community council

Good Neighbour Schemes. The Community Council, with the support of Staffordshire County Council, has been involved over the past 12 months in a project seeking to address the issue of isolation and loneliness, often experienced by elderly, disabled or vulnerable people. This is a pilot project helping 6 local communities scattered around the county to…

The Great War Project

Great War

This year (2014) is obviously 100 years since the start of what some people call World War One (WW1) but is officially termed “The Great War”. It was called the Great War because  this type and scale of utter and total devastation had never been seen before and indeed not since. It changed the way…

Holly Bush Moratorium

Holly Bush

Last night (Monday 6th January) the Parish Council voted to invoke a moratorium clause preventing the sale of the Holly Bush and the car park.  Under chapter three of the Localism Act 2011 and the Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012, a community interest group can apply for a full 6 month moratorium during which…

Recognise this person?

Recognise Him?


Just who is this lovely little boy? leave a message if you think you know the answer! For those of you that need a clue …..He didn’t look very happy then but now he has a smile on his…

Cost Towkrate

Dust Ayer

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