Aircrash at Brown Edge

The information contained on this page is kindly donated by Alan Clarke, a researcher into aircrash sites. B-24H Liberator 42-52625 of the 406th Bombardment Squadron crashed at Brown Edge between…

Winter down the brook

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Recognise this person?

Who is she?

I met this young lady recently and had a bit of a laugh about her time at school when she was always up for a game of football!  She has done well for herself and actively pursuing a career…

Cost Towkrate

Dust Ayer

Narthen summats cheenged dine bruke. In tarms gunbye childer wudsken fur bullnoggers frumunder evry stoon. Dust Ayer siree the wun oo ower thepleece.  Theecust cetch afeadozin in afanhoor, butnar thees nowt, not a one in fact the custsee itsjed. If you can understand the above you must be a Brine Edger. Perhaps…